How does it work?

It’s easy, select your individual meals or meal plan, pick your delivery date, we then cook your meals and deliver. Once you receive your meals you heat, eat and enjoy. We change the menu every week so you will never get bored.

Is there any cooking or prep time involved?

Are you kidding? We take care of that for you. All of our meals are packaged into microwave safe containers. Follow easy instructions on the package.

How are my meals delivered?

We carefully pack your meals in temperature-controlled packaging and ship via our courier partners.

How often and what days do you deliver?

As often as you wish! On a serious note, we deliver to N.I. Monday and Thursday and R.O.I & UK Mainland on Tuesday and Friday. You can choose your preferred delivery date on checkout. Don’t forget our meals can be frozen so order a few extra to put in the freezer for those days we don’t deliver!

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to all areas of the UK and Ireland

Can my meal be frozen?

We think our meals taste best eaten fresh but if you do choose to freeze any item, we suggest freezing the item as close to the date you receive the meal as possible and before the use by date. In addition, we recommend removing it from the freezer the day before you plan to consume, and placing it in the refrigerator so that it has plenty of time to defrost prior to reheating. Please note that our heating instructions on the label are meant for fresh, not frozen, meals, so when heating frozen meals, make sure the meal reaches a minimum of 75 degrees before consuming.

Can I cancel or skip meals at any time?

You order as often or as little as you like! As our meals are made fresh for you we require a minimum of 72 hours to cancel your order. If you need to cancel or pause an order please email us info@tastygrubclub.com or call 02893345606.

How can I find my nearest retail stockist?

We have lots of great stockists located all over Northern Ireland, To find your nearest headover to our stockist map found on the homepage navigation menu, Otherwise just give us a call.

How does the Loyalty Programme work?

All customers are automatically enrolled in our loyalty programme, simply make a purchase and accumulate points. 1 point = £1 available to spend. These points can be tracked on our website by logging in and navigating to the ‘Loyalty’ section. Keep an eye on our social media and emails as we regularly reward out loyalty members with extra discounts and double point events.