How do you start a business in the middle of a global pandemic?

Tasty grub club was in the midst of design stage when the coronavirus struck so what did we do about it? We can safely say…

 Tasty grub club is covid ready!

This COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on society in various ways.  We could not have ever imagined 2020 to pan out the way it has.

Covid arrived during our planning stages of the new kitchen build, Given this enormous impact we automatically reviewed our plans to ensure we could work safely through further outbreaks.

 The highest standard of material finishes were chosen to ensure high levels of hygiene can be easily maintained. Additional Handsfree operated hand washing stations were installed.  Our kitchen footprint was enlarged and is very spacious with dedicated working areas.  This will ensure social distancing can easily be achieved within the workspace.  Obviously, the concept of having your meals delivered and therefore cutting out shopping trips is certainly ideal during these uncertain times.

 Hoping to do our bit in the fight against Covid19.

Stay safe everyone.


One of our handsfree

operated handwashing stations at Tasty HQ